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Parent and Student Testimonials

“Heidi, I want to thank you so much for tutoring me and all the help you gave me. All of my scores went up and I am so happy with my results! Thank you so much again!” – (Student – Junior)


“Hi Ms. Wright, We wanted to share my student’s SAT score from the January test.  As you recall, he needed get a score of at least 820 when combining the Reading and Math portions of the test in order to pass High School this senior year.  We are so pleased to inform you that his score was 400 in Reading and 490 in Math!  This was our first objective.  He has exceeded his goal.  We would like to thank you for your support and guidance which we believe played a key part in his success.  This achievement will be a pivotal point in student’s life and I know that not only has it enabled him to meet the requirements for his senior year of High School but he has gained invaluable skills that he will undoubtably use the rest of his life.  His self confidence has sky rocketed and has also enabled him to remove some self imposed limitations.  Thank you so much.  My only regret is that we did not contact you sooner!” – (Parent of Senior)


“Hey Mrs. Wright, So my SAT scores just came in for the January 25th SAT and I am proud to say that they have gone up since my last two SAT tests. I got a 1200 on this test and a 1250 if I superscore! I went up 110 points on my reading to a 650 and I got a 550 on my math! Thank you so much for helping me and tutoring me to do well on this test. Your help made a significant change in my scores and I can finally breathe and have one thing off my plate to really worry about. Thanks once again.  Thank you for all your help.” – (Student – Junior)


“I am happy to report that the 3rd time was the charm for (student) for the ACT. We got her score back yesterday and she got a 30. She and we are THRILLED! She knew she needed to get it up in order to be a candidate for Chapel Hill. This will be the score we will submit on her college applications and we’re very happy about it. We feel much better now that she got it up to that range. Just wanted to share the good news and say thank you for everything!” – (Mother of Junior)


“Heidi, Attached is the report from (student’s) ACT. We are quite pleased. Thanks for working with her. She enjoyed you, liked you, and you had great results with her.” – (Parents of Junior)


“Thank you so much for all your tutoring. It really helped! I’m very pleased with my score and so are my parents.” – (Junior)


“Hi Mrs. Wright. My ACT went really well today! I finished all of the sections. I used the strategies and tips you gave me and it helped a lot! Thank you so much for helping me!” – (Junior)


“My reading went up 110, my writing went up by 90! So I’m very happy right now and thanks for all your help.” – (Junior)


“She improved by 190 points. Thank you so much for all of your help!” – (Mother of Junior)


“I wanted to let you know that (student) got his SAT scores today and he got a 1510! All I can say is thank you so much for working with him, it looks like it paid off. Again, thanks!” – (Mother of Junior)


“Heidi, Thank you for all of your support and prep work with (student)! Did he tell you that the US Merchant Marine Coach called last night and informed him that, because of these scores, he is now able to supply (student) as his top recruit choice to the Admissions Board? Well, another feather for you to put in your hat and share with future students for advantages of your services!” – (Mother of Senior)


“Heidi, I wanted to let you know that (student) received a 29 on his ACT. We were very pleased for him. Thank you for what you do for preparing our students, Heidi.” – (Mother)


“Heidi… would like to say again “Thank you” for your help. We were especially excited about the Math increase.” – (Mother of Junior)


“Heidi, (student’s) ACT scores (without writing) were online today. He did really well and is really excited. I think his ACT scores should be good enough to help him get in Chapel Hill. Thanks for all of your help.” – (Mother of Junior)


“Hi Heidi… I thought I’d let you know (student’s) recent SAT scores… Chapel Hill and Auburn have offered scholarships and Honors programs. He and I are so thankful for you. Again, thank you for all your help.” – (Mother of Junior)


“Heidi, I just wanted to let you know that (student) did great on the ACT. I just checked his scores. It qualifies him with the NCAA. I wanted to thank you for all your work with him, I know it helped him do as well as he did.” – (Mother of Senior)



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