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Where, when, and how often do I work with students?


Private Tutoring sessions are held at my Raintree Village Center office in Charlotte, NC.


8001 Raintree Lane, Suite 211
Raintree Village Center
Charlotte, NC 28277
Located on the 2nd floor (above drycleaner), in same office as MC Multimodal Services
(one block from the Arboretum, off Highway 51/Pineville-Matthews Road)

PrepWright Location Map

One of the most valuable aspects of individual tutoring is the fact that I am able to tailor sessions to meet the student’s individual needs.


During the school year, I generally meet with students once or twice per week, after school and/or during the day on Saturdays. I am available to work with students during the school day (for example, Charlotte Christian students sometimes have a study hall or a free period and are able to come to my office for a session. In some cases, I am also able to meet with students on teacher work days or on other holidays/breaks that do not otherwise conflict with those I spend with my family.

During the summer, my schedule changes somewhat. Please contact me for my availability. For summer test preparation, because there are no SAT or ACT tests given in July, I do have a couple of options:  1) spreading out our sessions (beginning in the summer and continuing in the fall) so that we meet right up until student’s fall testing date or 2) doing the bulk of the tutoring during the summer in order to achieve our goals before school starts, but planning to meet every two to three weeks in the fall up until the test date to maintain the score growth we (hopefully!) achieve in the summer.

Whenever possible, I like to see students right up to the time of their test date(s). Because this type of specialized learning requires repetition to stay in their long term memory, our working together on a regular basis right up until test day helps ensure that they are primed and ready to go on the big day. Feel free to contact me regarding specific availability.

How Often?

My full test preparation packages include ten 75-minute sessions, individually customized to prepare students for all parts of the SAT or ACT. I also offer the option of more narrowly-focused coaching (fewer than 10 sessions), which concentrate on a single subject (such as math, reading, writing/English, or science) or to prepare for a second test after a student has already worked with me on a previous test. At the end is a list of the different packages I offer, including pricing information.

How Can You Get Started?

Please contact us to discuss specifics about your student – info@PrepWright.com or 980-406-4782. If you are ready to begin private tutoring for your student, please select from our Tutoring Packages:

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