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Why Private Tutoring?

One of the most valuable aspects of individual tutoring is the fact that I am able to tailor sessions to meet students’ individual needs.

As We Continue...

I adjust our lessons to reflect student progress. We will put extra emphasis on areas of greatest need, and we can do little or no work on areas in which a student is comfortable.

My Highest Aims...

are to make the sessions both extremely worthwhile and fairly priced. I believe you will find that my experience equals or exceeds most practitioners in the field. My prices, too, are competitive with many companies who offer preparation classes that are taught by different instructors, not one-on-one sessions that are customized specifically for your student and provided by the same professional (me) each time.

How Can You Get Started?

Please contact us to discuss specifics about your student – info@PrepWright.com or 980-406-4782. If you are ready to begin private tutoring for your student, please select from our Tutoring Packages:

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