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Strategic Testing Game Plan and Private Tutoring Sessions

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Testing Game Plan

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Which test(s) should you take and when?

What specific content and strategies should you focus on to improve your score the mostin the least amount of time?

Where do you begin?

Email or Call to schedule your Testing Game Plan and Tutoring Sessions:
(980) 406-4782

Here at PrepWright, our highest aims are not only to help families successfully navigate the important SAT and ACT maze, but also to return a sense of calm to an often confusing and wearisome process.

Towards these ends, we offer what we call a Testing Game Plan conference. This one-hour meeting is designed to provide you with veteran educator and test prep coach Heidi Wright’s perspective as you contemplate key strategic decisions about your student’s future SAT/ACT tests. Decisions that, for better or worse, we know influence college admissions.

The Testing Game Plan is, in part, an opportunity to consider these choices together. For some, the answers may be simple and straightforward; for others, a more in depth conversation may be called for. Using our experience with hundreds of families we will help streamline the bewildering array of considerations and assist your family in designing a clear-cut strategy that may save you and your student months of worry and misdirected preparation time.

  • Together, we’ll review student goals, previous scores, and any areas of concern or confusion about the process.
  • Some families of eligible students may want to better understand possible test accommodations, such as extended time.
  • Some might want to learn more about merit-based scholarships tied (in part) to strong SAT or ACT scores.
  • In all instances, you’ll walk away with information – information specifically recommended for your student. You’ll have an action plan, a timeline, and distinct resources for taking your next steps.

This single-fee, stand-alone offering is not in any way contingent upon using PrepWright’s services for test preparation (unlike those of some companies, which market so-called ‘free’ consultations that turn out to be not-so-cleverly disguised marketing ploys). In fact, we feel so strongly about the importance and benefits of our Testing Game Plan session that we have all our test prep students start with one!

Private Tutoring Sessions

For those who want to utilize both our Testing Game Plan and our Test Preparation services.

Our general rule of thumb regarding how much test prep is needed to increase scores:

  • For every 1 point desired improvement on the ACT composite — approximately 3-4 hours of tutoring are recommended, for 2 points — 6-8 hours of tutoring, 3 points — 10-12 hours..
  • For the SAT, 40-50 total points — approximately 3-4 hours of tutoring, 80-100 — 6-8 hours of tutoring recommended, 120-150 points — 10-12 hours.
  • Please note that these are general guidelines only. We are committed to effective and efficient test prep – not to wasting your student’s time or your money.

If a student selects fewer than the recommended full-course of 12 (60 min.) sessions, we will usually not be able to cover all components of the SAT or ACT, but we will work together to determine what major subject area on the student’s upcoming test is the highest priority and start there. As time permits, we will also do some review of other subject(s).

Email or Call to schedule your Testing Game Plan and Tutoring Sessions:
(980) 406-4782

Rate Structure:

6+ 60 min. Sessions – $155 per session
1-5 60 min. Sessions – $175 per session
Testing Game Plan Only – $175 (without prep through PrepWright)

One of the most valuable aspects of individual tutoring is the fact that I am able to custom-tailor and continue to fine-tune sessions to meet the student’s individual needs.

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