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What can your student expect from our sessions?

My approach is basically three-fold:

Familiarize Students

with the test structure, scoring, and effective test-taking strategies

Review Necessary Content

— including math, reading, writing skills/English grammar and mechanics, and essay writing (for both the SAT and ACT) as well as science reasoning (if taking the ACT)

Practice, Practice, Practice!

practice tests will be scored and reviewed during each session

Initially, I will give students a diagnostic test in order to identify specific problem areas. Thereafter, each session will generally involve review of homework, practice, and learning new skills. Because sections completed for practice utilize real test materials made by the test makers, these tests not only will be scored and reviewed during that session, but students also will receive regular feedback in the form of estimated current scores.

How Can You Get Started?

Please contact us to discuss specifics about your student – info@PrepWright.com or 980-406-4782. If you are ready to begin private tutoring for your student, please select from our Tutoring Packages:

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